Polar FT4 User Manual


Get to Know Your Polar FT4 Training Computer

Training computer records and displays your heart rate and other data during training.

WearLink® transmitter transmits the heart rate signal to the training computer. The WearLink consists of a connector (A) and strap (B).

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FT4 Buttons and Menu

UP :

  • Enter the menu

  • Move through selection lists

  • Adjust values.

  • Change the watch face with a long press in the Time view


  • Confirm selections

  • Select training type or training settings


  • Enter the menu

  • Move through selection lists

  • Adjust values


  • Exit the menu

  • Return to the previous level

  • Cancel selection

  • Leave settings unchanged

  • Return to Time view with a long press


  • Illuminate the display

  • Enter quick menu in Time view with a long press, to lock buttons, set alarm or select time zone

  • During training with a long press switch training sounds ON/OFF or lock buttons

  • Night Mode during training: Press LIGHT once during recording and the backlight will be activated by pressing any button. Night mode is switched off when the FT4 goes back to Time mode.




Start With Basic Settings

To activate your Polar FT4 training computer, press and hold any button for one second. Once FT4 is activated, it cannot be switched off.

  1. Language: Select Deutsch, English, Español, Français,Italiano, Suomi, Português or Svenska with UP/DOWN. Press OK.

  2. Please enter basic settings is displayed. Press OK.

  3. Select Time format.

  4. Enter Time.

  5. Enter Date.

  6. Select Units. Set metric (KG, CM) or imperial (LBS, FT). By selecting lbs/ft, calories are displayed as CAL, otherwise they are shown as KCAL. Calories are measured as kilocalories.

  7. Enter Weight.

  8. Enter Height.

  9. Enter Date of birth.

  10. Select Sex.

  11. Settings OK? is displayed. To confirm and save the settings, select Yes. Basic settings complete is displayed and the FT4 enters Time view. To change the settings, select No. Please enter basic settings is displayed. Re-enter your basic settings.

You can modify your user information at a later date. For more information, see 5. Settings.