Polar CS500+/CS500TDF User Manual


Congratulations on your purchase of a new Polar CS500+ cycling computer! The cycling computer offers you an all-in-one system to guide you in your training.

This user manual includes complete instructions for you to get the most out of your cycling computer. The latest version of this user manual can be downloaded at www.polar.com/support.

Polar CS500+ cycling computer provides you with all the data you need to enhance your cycling performance and also saves the data for later analysis. The new large display guarantees clear visibility of training information in all conditions. Innovative button technology allows easy and safe operation even in high speeds.

The cycling computer can be easily attached to the stem or handlebars of your bike with new Polar Dual Lock Bike Mount. Bike mount’s newly designed metal parts guarantee firm attachment for the cycling computer.



Comfortable Polar H3 heart rate sensor sends the heart rate signal to the cycling computer ecg-accurately. The heart rate sensor consists of a strap and a connector.

Polar CS speed sensor™ W.I.N.D. wirelessly measures distance and your real-time, average and maximum speeds.



Transfer data between the cycling computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com with Polar's new data communication device, Polar DataLink. Just plug your DataLink into the USB port of your computer, and it detects your cycling computer with W.I.N.D. technology.



The polarpersonaltrainer.com web service is tailored to support your training goals. There you can:

  • store your training files for a long-term follow-up

  • analyze and follow your progress to the finest detail, including altitude information with graphical trend

  • analyze training intensity and needed recovery time using the training load feature

  • optimize the way you train by using the Polar training programs

  • challenge your friends to a virtual sports competition and interact with other sports enthusiasts

With Polar WebSync 2.4 Software (or newer), you can:

  • synchronize and transfer data between your cycling computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com

  • fine-tune your cycling computer settings and personalize the display for example with your own logo

  • set training sounds, automatic lap and a reminder that reminds you to drink, eat or take other important actions during training

  • select the equipment (bike) you use in the sport and set the available sensors for the equipment

  • customize your cycling computer display to show the information you want to see during training

The WebSync software can be downloaded at www.polarpersonaltrainer.com.



Register your Polar product at http://register.polar.fi/ to ensure we can keep improving our products and services to better meet your needs.

For video tutorials, go to http://www.polar.com/en/support/video_tutorials.

Available Polar Accessories

With the help of Polar accessories, you can enhance the experience and achieve a more complete understanding of your performance.

Polar CS cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D. wirelessly measures your real-time and average cadence, also known as pedaling rate, as revolutions per minute.

Polar LOOK Kéo Power system wirelessly measures power output expressed in watts and cadence.



Data from all compatible sensors and Polar H3 heart rate sensor is sent wirelessly to the cycling computer over Polar's 2.4GHz W.I.N.D. technology. This eliminates interference during training.