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Daily Use

Follow the steps below daily to make sure you get the most of the Polar Balance weight management service and reach your target.

  1. Weigh yourself by stepping on the Polar Balance scale, and update your weight to your Polar wrist unit.
  2. Sync your weight and activity from your wrist unit to the Balance service wirelessly via Flow app or by connecting it to your computer with the cable.
  3. You'll get personalized guidance from the web service or from the mobile app for eating and activity.
  4. See your adaptive, automatically updated daily activity goal on your wrist unit. Fulfill it every day until you have reached your weight loss target.

Weight Loss/Gain Speedometer

The speedometer shows your current weight loss/gain speed, in other words how much weight you will lose or gain if you keep up your current daily pace. It shows you how many calories you need to get rid of per day to reach your weight loss target, and examples on how to reach it through activity and by eating less.

Daily Activity Goal

To reach your weight target you need to fulfill your daily activity goal. Remember to sync it to your wrist unit daily. Your wrist unit shows how much activity you have accumulated for that day, so you can see how active you still need to be to reach your goal.

Calorie Deficit

To reach your weight target you need to fulfill the calorie deficit (the amount of calories you should shed from your daily intake).

Weight Trend Graph

The weight trend graph allows you to follow your progress. By ticking the box you can choose to view your weight trend, weight target, weight measurements and calories.


You can follow how your BMI (body mass index) develops from the graph. It also tells you how much weight you need to lose to reach the normal range.