Leg Recovery Test

​The Leg Recovery Test helps you see how your leg muscles have recovered from training, and also how your explosive strength is developing. You can use it to check if you’re ready for speed and strength training. It's a widely-used, easy and safe test you can take anywhere, with no other equipment needed apart from your Polar watch.

Test result

After the test, you'll see the height of each jump, and the average of the three jumps which is used to calculate your baseline. You can view your latest result on your watch in Tests > Leg recovery test > Latest result. The test results are stored in your watch for at least 28 days.

If the difference between your lowest and highest jump is more than 10 centimeters, the median of your jumps is used to calculate your result instead of the average. The purpose of this is to eliminate unrealistically high or low jumps from your result.

To get feedback on the recovery of your leg muscles you need to take at least two tests in a 28-day-period to establish a baseline. From the third test onwards in a 28-day-period, you'll get textual feedback about your leg muscle recovery. Essentially, if you jump to a considerably lower height than what your baseline is, your leg muscles aren't entirely recovered.

Your leg recovery is measured by comparing your test result to your individual baseline, which is the rolling average of your test results from the previous 28 days. Only one result per day is used for baseline calculation. If you do the test several times only your best result of the day is taken into account. Your leg muscles aren't considered recovered:

  • If your baseline is 28 cm or higher: When your test result is 7% or more less than your baseline.
  • If your baseline under 28 cm: When your test result is 2 centimeters or more less than your baseline.

Your readiness for speed and strength is illustrated with an icon and feedback.

  • Green if you're ready.
  • Orange if you're ready with some considerations
  • Red if you're not ready

When giving you feedback your leg muscle recovery information is complemented with information about the recovery of your cardio system, provided by the Recovery Pro feature or the Nightly Recharge feature if you are using either of them.

Remember to sync your test result to Polar Flow. To help long-term follow up, we’ve gathered all the test data in one place in the Polar Flow web service. In the Tests page you can see all the tests you’ve performed and compare their results. You can see your long-term progress and easily view changes in your performance.

The test failed, what happened?

The test fails when your watch cannot recognize a jump. This may happen if you wait too long between jumps (You have 40 seconds to jump after each beep). If you jumped but it wasn't detected, then your hands may have slipped from your hips when jumping. Play close attention to the placement of your hands as it is crucial for accuracy and repeatability.

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