Recording training sessions with Polar Flow app

You can record your training sessions in Polar Flow app, also with heart rate wearing a paired HR sensor. 

To train with the Flow app:

  1. Go to Training > Start on top of the page.

  2. Select a sport profile by tapping the sport icon.

  3. If you wish to train recording your heart rate, wear a paired HR sensor.

    If you've set up your sensor with a phone, it has already been paired, otherwise, tap the settings cogwheel and find your sensor on the Training settings page and tap Pair. Tap Done to return to Start page.

    If you've selected an outdoor sport profile, the Phone GPS is switched on to track your training route on the map.

  4. When you see your current heart rate and a solid circle GPS icon, tap Start to begin the session.

    You can change the map view by tapping the  icon on the top of the map. You can also scroll and zoom the map as you want by swiping and pinching it. Bring back focus to your location by tapping the  icon.


    Swipe the bottom of the page to change between heart rate and pace views.


To end a training session:

  1. Tap Pause.
  2. Tap and hold Stop and save the session.

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