How to manage privacy in the Flow web service

Privacy levels and how to manage them

There are three privacy levels in Flow web service: Public, Followers, and Private. These levels apply to your Flow web service user profile, sessions, and activity summaries.

  • The Public option means that all Flow users can see your sessions, activity summaries, and profile. 
  • The Followers option means that only those who are following you can see your sessions and activity summaries. All Flow users can find your profile, but they cannot see your statistics.
  • The Private option means that no one but you can see your sessions, activity summaries, and profile, and no one can find you with the people search on Feed. It’s the default setting for training sessions and activity summaries.

Determine the privacy of your profile, sessions, and activity summaries here: your name > Settings > Privacy. Changing the privacy affects only future sessions: the ones you’ve already synced remain as they are.

However, you can still change the privacy of single sessions in Diary: open the particular training session and change its privacy. 
Changing the privacy of single activity summaries takes place on your Feed. 

Your activity summaries are not visible in Explore. They are visible on your Feed because they don’t contain any location info. 

Privacy in Explore

Point number one in Explore: if you’ve chosen to keep your sessions Private, no one but you can see them! We respect your privacy choice.

If your profile is Private but you still want to make one of your training sessions Public, the session is visible on the map but your name is replaced with ‘Private User’. 

I don’t want to share any of my information in Flow. How should I change the settings?

Click your name, then Settings > Privacy

Choose the Private option for Privacy of your sessions, Privacy of your activity summaries and Privacy of your profile. 

There is a new privacy setting for Polar Club communication. What’s that all about?

This setting is related to the Polar Club group fitness app that some fitness clubs use. If you’re not going to any fitness club that uses it, you don’t need to worry about this setting. And if you are, this setting means that your fitness club can send you summaries of your training sessions by email.