How to use the Guest feature

With the Guest feature on Polar Club app you can easily add guests to group exercise classes with just a few taps. This feature comes in handy when you want to quickly add guests to show them the benefits of training with Polar Club, for example, during demo events. To be able to use this feature you need to have heart rate sensors available for lending.

You can add guests to the group exercise classes before starting the session (in the exercisers view) or during the session.

To add guests: 

1. Tap Add > Add guest.

2. Choose the heart rate sensors for the guests and then tap Next.

3. A list of guests you are adding to the session is shown. By default, the guests are named according to the sensors chosen. If you want to change the guests’ names, just tap them one by one and change the name.

4. When ready, tap Add. The guests are added to the session.

Guests in live view

In the live view training data is shown to the guests in the same way it is to other attendees. Heart rate and calorie calculation are based on the default physical settings.

In the summary after the session it’s possible to sync the guest’s training data to their existing or new Polar Flow account. Just tap the guest’s name and choose Sync with an existing Polar account or Create a new Polar account.


Guests in History

When you open a summary of a session with guests in History, the app will ask you if you want to include the guests in the summary. You can change this selection later by tapping the settings icon and enabling/disabling guests.

You can sync the guests’ training data to their Polar Flow accounts also when viewing the session summary in History.

The training data from the guests is not shown in the reports in the Polar Club web service.