Battery replacement

You can change the battery yourself to these Polar products. Please see product user manual for instructions.

Remember to replace the sealing ring if it seems damaged. For assistance on battery change to these products, please contact your local Battery Change Service. Battery Change Service offers quick battery changes done on location for products with user-changeable battery. You can also use this as a service drop-off if you need more than a battery change.

If your product is not on the list, please turn to your closest Authorized Service or send your product to Central Service in your country for battery change.

Authorized Service offers quick repairs, all battery changes, and more demanding non-warranty service done on location. You can also use this as a service drop-off if your service case is more complex and needs to be sent to Central Service.

All warranty services in the country are concentrated to Central Service. You can also bring or send your product in for non-warranty service. If you send in your service, please register online to get a tracking code. Remember to pack your product carefully to avoid damage before sending it to us.

Full periodic and water resistance checks are performed with every battery change.

Battery disposal

Polar recycles batteries as part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment. When changing the battery yourself, please follow your local recycling regulations for safe disposal.

See Polar Environmental Policy here.

Change region

If your country is not listed on this page, please find your local contact details, retailers and stores and service points on our global site.