Data Export from RCX5/CS500 to ProTrainer 5


You can export your training files from RCX5 and CS500 training computer to Polar ProTrainer 5 software or other software utilizing .hrm and/or .gpx files.
From RCX5 you can export .hrm and .gpx files.
From CS500 you can export .hrm files.

.hrm file contains data for one exercise. File format description can be found at:
.gpx is device independent GPS data format.

To export data start editing your training computer settings via WebSync software.
1. Double-click the WebSync icon on your computer taskbar. Welcome window opens.

2. Select Training Computer.
3. Connect DataLink to the USB port of your computer.
4. Activate your training computer and start synchronization by selecting Connect Start.
5. After your training computer settings have been read select Training Data.
6. Select the files you want to export and click Export selected.

7. Select the folder where you want to export the file(s) and click Choose.

Default folder is
Windows Vista and 7 is: C:\User\user name
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user name

It is recommended to save the files to your ProTrainer 5 personal data location. As default the folder is C:\Program Files\Polar\ProTrainer\your name\year folder if you have installed ProTrainer 5 software 5.35.165 or earlier or if version 5.35.165 is updated via automatic updater. If you have installed version 5.40.171 or newer the default folder is C:\Users\Public\Polar ProTrainer.

See Related documents for further information.

Exporting HRM file... is shown when data export is going on.

Training data exported is shown after the export completes.
The training file is saved as *.hrm file to the selected folder.
Track information is automatically saved as *.gpx file to the same folder if the training file includes route data.

If Failed to export training data is shown restart synchronization by selecting Connect Start in your training computer.

Exit WebSync by clicking Close.

8. Open Polar ProTrainer 5 software.

9. Double-click on a past day where you want to attach the exported file.
Only one file can be attached to the ProTrainer 5 diary at time. It is not possible to attach several files to the training diary at one time, all files needs to be attached separately.

10. Training Diary opens. Click Add New Exercise button.

11. Click Attach and select Attach an exercise.

12. Browse to the folder where you saved the exported file on step 7.
Select the .hrm file and click Open.
The training file is attached to the ProTrainer 5 calendar.
If the training file included also route information the track is attached to the same exercise automatically.

Polar ProTrainer 5 Diary data is not included to the exported file.
In order to update Diary data, make sure you have the whole curve selected.
Open the curve view.
Select Edit → Select Entire Exercise.
Save your changes to the curve and close the curve view.
Open the Training Diary.
Press Refresh button in the lower right corner.

See Related documents for further information how to view tracks on Polar ProTrainer 5 software.

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