How to select a target zone for a course/lesson?

When you create a heart rate course in the Polar GoFit web service, you need to select a target zone and time in target zone for the course. Time in target zone indicates for how long the students should aim to stay within the target heart rate zone during a PE lesson.

When having a PE lesson, target zone and time in target zone settings can be modified with the Polar GoFit app at the beginning of a lesson: a single lesson can have a different target zone and time in target zone than the course has been set.

Available target zones

  • Performance (70-100% of maximum heart rate)
    • develops maximum performance and speed
    • suitable for high intensity lessons where students give their best
  • Healthy heart (70-90% of maximum heart rate)
    • improves aerobic fitness and performance capacity
    • suitable for efficient lessons where student’s cardiovascular fitness improves in a safe and comfortable way
  • Active (60-80% of maximum heart rate)
    • improves basic endurance and muscle tone
    • suitable for lower intensity lessons where, for example, technique training has an important role
  • Custom target zone teachers can define themselves what the target zone should be.

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