Using Strava Live Segments with V800

When you start a running or cycling training session, the two closest Strava segments® that you’ve synced to your V800 are shown on the display.

When you approach a segment (200 meters or closer in cycling or 100 meters or closer in running) you’ll get an alert on your V800, and the distance remaining to the segment will be counted down.You can cancel the segment by pressing the back button on your V800.

You get another alert when you reach the starting point of the segment. Recording of the segment starts automatically, and both the name of the segment and your personal record time for the segment are shown on your V800.

The display shows if you are behind or ahead of your personal best (or KOM/QOM if you are doing the segment for the first time), as well as the distance left, your heart rate and speed.

After you've completed the segment, V800 displays your time, and the difference to your personal best time. The PR symbol is displayed if you set new personal record.