Wear OS by Google for all M600 users


Google has recently changed the Android Wear brand name to Wear OS by Google™. The new Wear OS by Google 1.1 system software is now available for all Polar M600 users. The update will roll out gradually within one week to all Polar M600 smartwatches. You’ll be notified directly on your M600 when you’ll be able to upgrade your smartwatch. You can download the update to your M600 by plugging the smartwatch in to charge while the M600 is connected to your phone and your phone has an Internet connection. Further update instructions are available on our support pages.

The new Wear OS by Google system software brings the following enhancements to your M600: 

  • Battery saver:  In the battery saver mode some of the M600 activities are reduced to extend your smartwatch's battery life. Battery saver limits the following: vibration, location services, wi-fi & mobile usage, data & app updates, always-on display. See M600 User Manual for further instructions.
  • Turning the touch screen off/on:  You can enable the touch lock to turn the touch screen of your smartwatch off in situations where you don't want the display to respond to touches, such as in water. See further instructions.
  • Notification vibration strength adjustment:  You can set Select vibration strength to Normal, Long or Double. See further instructions
  • Reminders App:  With the new standalone experience reminders can trigger locally and users can manage reminders without requiring an internet connection or Bluetooth connection to the Wear OS app. Please note that you cannot create reminders offline, only modify existing ones. You can test this feature by putting your M600 to airplane mode. This new standalone experience is available if you have Google a account on your M600.

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