Strava Routes support for route-compatible Polar devices


Good news, everyone! Strava routes are now available for all route-compatible Polar devices: Grit X2 Pro, Grit X Pro, Grit X, Pacer Pro, Vantage V3, Vantage V2, Vantage V, V650 and V800.

To get started using Strava routes with your Polar device, connect your Flow account with Strava in the Polar Flow app or web service. If you have already connected your Flow account with Strava and want to enable the route sync, you need to first disconnect your current connection and then connect the service again. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Polar Flow app installed on your phone (6.20.0 or newer for iOS and Android, 7.20.0 or newer for Huawei). Firmware update for your Polar device is not needed.

Note that you need to have a Strava subscription to use the Strava Routes on your Polar device. With the subscription, you get access to Strava Route Planner. You can, for example, use route suggestions, create a new route, or even take a friend's uploaded ride and turn that into a route. Once you have connected your Flow account with Strava, the routes you have starred in Strava will be synced to your favorites in Flow, and you can sync them to your watch.

For detailed instructions on how to connect your Flow account with Strava and use the routes on your Polar device, see Using Strava Routes with Polar devices.

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