Polar Vantage V2 2.0.6 firmware update – Power-based training targets, ZonePointer for power and speed zones and more


There is a new firmware update available for Polar Vantage V2.

Create simple training targets based on power

It’s now possible to plan power-based phased training targets in the Flow mobile app and transfer them to your Vantage V2 to utilize in your running and cycling training. At this first stage with the Flow app’s simplified training target tool you can create a three-phased target with repeats. At a later stage, in April 2021 to be precise, you will have the Flow web service training target tool in full at your service.

Update the Flow app on iOS or Android to version 4.10.0 to plan power-based training targets with the renewed and easy-to-use training target editor. To create a target, go to the Training view, tap the Add calendar entry icon in the upper right corner, and choose Phased target. Define the phases, and then just sync it to your watch and you’re ready to go!

ZonePointer for power and speed zones

ZonePointer helps you to stay in the right target zone with a moving symbol in the zone display, and it’s now available also for power and speed zones. To use it in your speed or power zone-based sessions just add the Power limits or Speed/pace ZonePointer views to any running or cycling type sport profile in the Sport Profiles settings in the Flow web service or app.

When training with zones you might also find the ZoneLock feature handy. ZoneLock lets you lock into the training zone (heart rate zone, speed/pace zone or power zone) you’re currently in on the fly. Just press and hold the OK button to lock into the zone you’re in. Your watch will then alert you if stray out of your target zone.

Last lap details training views

In addition, we’ve added 16 new training views that show information about your last lap. Choose what details you want to see from your previous lap by adding any of the views in the Sport Profiles settings in the Flow web service or app.

The new views are:

  • Speed/Pace max, previous lap
  • Speed/Pace max, previous automatic lap
  • HR max, previous lap
  • HR max, previous automatic lap
  • Power avg, previous lap
  • Power avg, previous automatic lap
  • Power max, previous lap
  • Power max, previous automatic lap
  • Cadence avg, lap
  • Cadence avg, automatic lap
  • Cadence max, lap
  • Cadence max, automatic lap
  • Cadence avg, previous lap
  • Cadence avg, previous automatic lap
  • Cadence max, previous lap
  • Cadence max, previous automatic lap

Turn off or reset your watch

You can now turn off your watch or perform a factory reset on it. Go to Settings > General settings > About your watch and scroll down to find these new functions.

Your name watch face

Personalize your watch with the Your name watch face that displays your first and last name in time view. Set it on from the main menu under Watch face views.

We´ve also cleaned up a few bugs and made enhancements to existing features.

Update your watch on your computer via FlowSync or on your mobile via the Flow app.

Version number: 2.0.6

Release date: December 16th, 2020

Improvements/fixes in this release:

  • Create simple training targets based on power
  • ZonePointer for power and speed zones
  • Last lap details training views
  • Turn off watch and Reset all data and settings (factory reset) functions added
  • Your name watch face view added
  • You can now manually skip a phase during a phased training session
  • You can see your distance covered and time elapsed when pausing a session
  • You can silence a phone call from the watch
  • In some rare cases during a phased training session the watch might have crashed when starting a phase, fixed
  • Malfunction when changing physical settings causing MAS value possibly being updated erroneously, fixed
  • When performing a running program the watch might have crashed, fixed
  • Certain training view combinations caused HR value to not update in real time (it updated only when changing views), fixed
  • Other bug fixes and quality improvements

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