Polar V650 1.5.4 firmware update - Strava Live Segments® and advanced power metrics


We are excited to announce that the new V650 firmware update 1.5.4 is now available! This firmware update adds new and exciting features to your V650. Update your V650 on your computer via FlowSync.

Strava Live Segments®

Strava Segments are previously defined sections of road or trail where athletes can compete for time in cycling or running, and view their real-time performance against a segment’s KOM/QOM as well as their personal record on a segment.

Connect your Flow and Strava accounts and sync your favorite segments to your V650. Your V650 notifies you when you’re approaching a Strava segment, and when riding a Strava segment, you'll get real-time performance data displayed on your V650 showing the segment information and data to manage your effort.

Note that you need to have a Strava Premium account to activate the Strava Live Segments® feature on your V650.

See to learn more and have a look at Using Strava Live Segments with V650 for instructions on using them on your V650.

Advanced Power Metrics

Also included in this release are new advanced power metrics that help you analyze and develop your cycling performance: NORMALIZED POWER® (NP®), INTENSITY FACTOR® (IF®) and TRAINING STRESS SCORE® (TSS®). You’ll be able to see the metrics on Polar V650 as you train.

  • NORMALIZED POWER (NP) provides an evaluation of training intensity. It provides a better measure of the true physiological demands of a given training session.
  • INTENSITY FACTOR (IF) is simply the ratio of the normalized power to your threshold power. IF therefore provides a valid and convenient way of comparing the relative intensity of a training session or race either within or between riders, taking into account changes or differences in threshold power.
  • TRAINING STRESS SCORE (TSS) quantifies the overall training load based on your power data. Please note that Polar training load and TRAINING STRESS SCORE cannot be compared. They are two different approaches.

To add these new power metrics to the training views of your V650, go to Settings > Sport profiles and choose the profile you want to edit, and then choose Training views. See Sport profile settings (eManual) for detailed instructions on customizing the training views.
Further information on NP, IF and TSS is available on TrainingPeaks' blog.

NORMALIZED POWER®, INTENSITY FACTOR® and TRAINING STRESS SCORE® are trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and are used with the permission. Learn more at

Other enhancements/fixes in this release:

  • Barometer/GPS based inclinometer

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