Polar Grit X 1.3.4 firmware update – Fixes to optical heart rate measurement, route accuracy and Route Guidance


There is a new firmware update available for Polar Grit X.

This release brings fixes to optical heart rate measurement, route accuracy and the Route Guidance feature.

The skin contact detection of the optical heart rate measurement has been improved, and fixes to tackle exceptionally high spikes in heart rate have also been implemented. In addition, the GNSS chip firmware is updated to the latest version in this release, which improves route accuracy. We´ve also fixed several bugs that were affecting Route Guidance, and made a couple of usability enhancements to the feature as well.

Update your watch on your computer via FlowSync or on your mobile via the Flow app.

Version number: 1.3.4

Release date: January 20th, 2021

Improvements/fixes in this release:

  • Part of the route is not shown when using route guidance, fixed
  • When using route guidance sometimes the nearest route point is in the wrong direction and it is not updated, fixed
  • Route guidance not disabled when GPS is set off, fixed
  • Route zoom level decreased in route guidance (more of the route is shown now)
  • Disable distance-based automatic lap in low power GPS mode, fixed
  • Random route part selected when starting route guidance from mid-route, fixed
  • Random route part selected when returning to route in route guidance, fixed
  • Improved compass calibration algorithm
  • High heart rate readings when the watch is attached to a non-connected USB cable, fixed
  • Percentage of heart rate reserve is not shown in heart rate view, fixed
  • Other bug fixes and quality improvements

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