Polar GoFit web release v.2.13.1


  • When Polar GoFit teachers are added, also a personal Polar account is created for them. The personal Polar account is linked to the teacher user account in GoFit service. When a GoFit teacher gives consents to Terms of use and Polar privacy notice in GoFit, the consents are considered if the teacher uses other Polar services with the same username (e.g.,, Flow). Using other Polar services may require giving some additional consents in case the other services contain more information of the teacher.
  • If a teacher’s user account is removed from GoFit, teacher’s personal Polar account remains. The personal Polar account can only be closed by the teacher him- or herself at An email is send to the teacher informing him or her about the personal Polar account’s existence and how to close it if they wish to. The email is a new feature added in release 2.13.1.
  • If a user requests his or her Polar accounts to be closed in and if the user has a teacher user account in GoFit, a confirmation email is sent to the teacher informing him or her that the GoFit teacher user account closing is being processed. The email is a new feature added in release 2.13.1.
  • When a school’s account is being closed from GoFit (either as an inactive account which license has expired, or by school’s request), the contact teacher is sent an email confirmation of the closing process. The emails are added a notice of the teachers’ personal Polar accounts and how teachers can close them if they wish to do so.
  • A link to has been added to the menu in the upper right corner.
  • In Fitness tests’ School results view, there is an option Show removed students. The option is renamed as Show hidden students. The option concerns all students that have been removed before release 2.13.0 (Remove students feature used to set students inactive instead of truly removing them before release 2.13.0) and all students that have been hidden since release 2.13.0.
  • Use of terms has been unified so that term “delete” has been replaced with “remove”, e.g., the confirmation question when removing a teacher has been “Delete teacher?” and is now changed to “Remove teacher?”.
  • Trial accounts have been enabled to Saint Martin and Sint Maarten.


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