Polar GoFit activity periods has been discontinued on Oct 30, 2020


The Polar GoFit activity periods functionality has been discontinued on October 30, 2020. The change concerns only activity courses: with Polar Active activity monitors and activity courses in Polar GoFit you have been able to follow your students´ activity on daily basis. From October 30th of 2020 and onwards it’s no longer possible to create new activity courses or sync activity data to ongoing activity courses, for example. However, the activity data you have already collected remains for your use and you can create reports on it.

Polar GoFit online heart rate tracking and fitness tests will remain available as they are. You are still able to follow your students´ heart rates online during PE lessons, or carry out fitness tests to measure their physical abilities. 

The reason behind these changes is that the technology used in the activity courses in Polar GoFit has come to an end of its lifecycle. Nevertheless, the technology used on Polar GoFit online heart rate tracking and fitness testing is newer and will be developed actively. Live heart rate monitoring offers an easy and fun way for students to learn about the health benefits of staying in different target heart rate zones. During a heart rate lesson, students are guided to stay within the correct zone and their accumulated time within each zone is shown, either individually or collectively for the entire class. Polar is committed on staying on PE coaching with our Polar GoFit service and heart rate tracking technology.

If you are interested in live heart rate monitoring, please contact your local Polar representative to discuss its benefits and to request a trial.

To learn more about heart rate monitoring, please visit

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