Polar Flow update – Flow for Coach enhancements and bug fixes


Polar Flow web service and Polar Flow for Coach have been updated with enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Sport profile Fitness Martial Arts changed to Martial Arts
  • Coach can now comment on the athlete's training session via Training History view.
    Athlete can view the Coach's notes only in the Flow web service Training History view.
    When a new note comes in, no notification is sent. The athlete needs to chck the Flow web service Training History view to see if there are any comments.

  • Athlete can write a note for the Coach or respond to Coach's comment in the Training History view.
    If there are several coaches, all of them can see the notes.
  • Coach can navigate to the athlete's Training History from the Groups tab.
  • Coach can add the same training target to all or selected athletes at once.
    If some of the athletes already have a training target starting at the same time, Coach's target won't be added to the athletes's diary.


  • Not possible to create a training target or running program to year 2022 if week start day is Sunday, fixed
  • Editing tap gestures for Polar Grit X Pro was not possible, fixed
  • Manually changed swimming distance did not update correctly to Training History in some cases, fixed
  • "Finnish baseball" sport profile name was incorrect in Czech, fixed to 'finský baseball'


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