Polar Flow app version 4.11.0 for Android


Polar Flow app has been updated for Android users. In this release we have streamlined the app by removing the Feed feature as previously advertised. Various bug fixes are also included.

Release date: January 19th, 2021

Version number: 4.11.0


  • Feed removed
  • Sport profiles not shown on Polar device, pre-training menu of the watch does not open or a training session cannot be started, fixed
  • Running test MAS value shows 'km/h' instead of 'min/km', fixed
  • Training list search may have duplicate items, fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes improving quality

Note: If you experience problems with the sport profiles on your watch, please uninstall the Flow app on your phone, restart your phone and re-install the Flow app from Google Play. Then synchronize your watch again with the Flow app. Simply updating the app to version 4.11.0 might not solve the issue, so we strongly recommend a re-installation.

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