New Sleep report for Sleep Plus users


Flow web service has been updated with a new Sleep report for Sleep Plus and Sleep Plus Stages users.

To view your long-term sleep data in the Flow web service go to Progress, and choose the Sleep report tab.

Sleep report gives you a long-term view of your sleep patterns. You can choose to view your sleep details for a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month period. You’re able to see averages for the following sleep data: fell asleep, woke up, sleep time and interruptions to your sleep. Polar Ignite users with Sleep Plus Stages feature can see also sleep stages (REM sleep, deep sleep and light sleep) averages and their sleep score average. You can view a nightly breakdown of your sleep data by hovering your mouse over the sleep graph.

New sleep report

  • Available for Sleep Plus (Vantage V and M, A370, M430, M600).
  • Available for Sleep Plus Stages (Ignite)
  • Currently not available via Flow for Coach.

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