Polar Flow web service update – Flow for Coach enhancements


Polar Flow for Coach has been updated to make it easier to manage and divide the athletes into groups. You can access the new functionalities from the navigation bar.


You can invite new athletes to your Coach account from the Athletes tab. You'll also see all of your athletes and to which group they belong to, as well as the althletes you've invited.

Coach's invite always goes to the athlete's email. If the athlete has a Flow account already, the invited goes to the notifications in the Flow web service as before, but now we also send an email in every case.


You can now create Groups and divide your athletes into them under the Groups tab.

The athlete is automatically added to the default group and the group needs to be changed manually. An athlete can belong to several groups.


Bug fixes:

  • Creating phased training target fails with certain looping selection, fixed
  • FlowSync (version 4) sync fails if the language is Chinese, fixed


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