Requirements and recommended setup

Here’s an overview of what’s needed to run classes with Polar Club:

Recommended setup

  1. iPad for instructor use

    With this iPad, the instructor starts the training session. It's also the instructor's window to the exercisers' heart rates during the session

  2. Video projector or TV

    If you want the exercisers to see their heart rates while training, attach this iPad to a video projector or TV with a compatible cable and/or adapter. If you want to use Apple TV and AirPlay, follow iPad's guidance.

  3. Online sign-up

    Online sign-up gives your members the option to sign up for classes through the Flow web service up to one week beforehand. You can enable/disable the online sign up option in the Polar Club web service under Club settings.

  4. One or two iPads for customer sign in at club reception

    Consider having separate iPads for the members who already have a Polar account, and for the members who need to create a Polar account before signing in to classes. This way you avoid lines in the club reception and give the members more privacy to create their account.

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