Register lendable heart rate sensors

To see their heart rates on screen, exercisers need to wear a compatible Polar heart rate sensor or fitness tracker. They can use their personal devices, but you can also lend the heart rate sensor for them. In case you're planning to lend sensors for exercisers, you need to register the sensors in the Polar Club app.

  1. In the Polar Club app, go to More > Manage sensors. In the Manage sensors view, you can add and remove lendable sensors, and see the last user for each sensor.

  2. To add a new sensor, tap the plus icon.

  3. The Polar Club app picks the next available number for the sensor, but you can also change the number if you want. Tap Search sensors and activate the sensor by touching both contact points simultaneously.

  4. Once the sensor is found, the Sensor ID is shown. Tap the arrow to continue.

  5. Attach the sticker with the corresponding number on the sensor, and tap Save.

The Polar Club uses Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with several Polar heart rate sensors and fitness trackers. Please see the list of compatible Polar heart rate sensors and fitness trackers on the support page.

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