How to manage your privacy in Polar Flow

In the Polar Flow service by default all settings are private.

Privacy of Your Sessions

Go to SettingsPrivacy to choose session privacy. Changes apply to future sessions. If you wish to change all past sessions to Private, you can click on the button Update all to Private.You can also change the privacy setting for individual sessions in the web service in your Feed or Training analysis view.


Sharing data to others

This section explains the ways in which you can share your data in Polar Flow and outside it.


External services like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo

  • You can share your Flow data to external services like Strava, TrainingPeaks and Endomondo. This can be done by exporting training sessions individually from the Training analysis view, or by connecting your Polar account with these services and allowing them to sync automatically.
  • Automatic connections with external services can be managed in the settings, either under account or your profile, depending on the connection type.
  • When you open an automatic connection, the external service provider can access your profile, your training data and your other data, depending on the connection type.
  • Please read the privacy policies of these external service providers before creating any connections to understand how they use your data.
  • You may cancel your automatic connections at any time.

Polar Club communication

This setting is related to the Polar Club group fitness app used by fitness clubs. If you’re not going to any fitness club that uses Polar Club, you don’t need to worry about this setting. And if you are, this setting means that your fitness club can send you summaries of your training sessions by email.

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