How to install Polar Adjustable Front Bike Mount

You can attach the Polar Adjustable Front Bike Mount in any direction you'd like either around the handlebar or the stem of your bike.

The maximum handlebar/stem diameter that the bike mount will fit around is 31,8 mm.


  1. Wrap one to four layers of tape strips around the handlebar to ensure a solid and secure fit. The amount of tape strips needed depends on the handlebar/stem diameter. One tape strip is enough when the handlebar diameter is 31,8 mm.
  2. Place the bike mount on the handlebar and tighten with the screws using a 2,5 mm Allen key. Leave a small gap (ca. 2 mm) between the parts.

The maximum tightening torque of the screws is 0,6 Nm.


Mount your Polar device on the handlebar

Align the ledges on the back of your Polar device with the slots on the bike mount and turn clockwise until the device is in its place.

You can mount your Polar device on the handlebar in the direction that suits you. To change the direction, loosen the screws (1) and rotate the inner bracket (2) to desired position.

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