How can I add or remove sport profiles?

Starting with Polar Flow app v.3.2 you can manage sport profiles on your mobile. You can have up to 20 sport profiles active in Flow app and in your Polar device.

Here's how to add or remove them:

  • Go to Sport profiles on the main menu.

  • Click the plus sign to add a sport profile. The ones you already have are highlighted in red on the list.


  • To rearrange the order, tap and hold one and drag it in place. You can have up to 20 active, but If you have more than that, the extra ones are greyed out in the app, but available should you want to transfer them your Polar device. The last one of the active 20 will move to inactives if you add an extra sport to the active ones.

  • To remove a sport profile, tap one briefly and then tap Remove sport profile.

Remember to sync your changes with your Polar device.

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