How to select a target zone for a course/lesson?

When you create a heart rate course in the web service, you need to select a target zone and time in target zone. Time in target zone indicates for how long the students should aim to stay within the target zone during a PE lesson. With Polar GoFit app you can modify these settings at the beginning of the PE lesson.

Available target zones

  • Performance (70-100% of maximum heart rate)
    • develops maximum performance and speed
    • suitable for high intensity lessons where students give their best
  • Healthy heart (70-90% of maximum heart rate)
    • improves aerobic fitness and performance capacity
    • suitable for efficient lessons where student’s cardiovascular fitness improves in a safe and comfortable way
  • Active (60-80% of maximum heart rate)
    • improves basic endurance and muscle tone
    • suitable for lower intensity lessons where, for example, technique training has an important role
  • Free (no zone target)