Fitness test process

  1. Test items represent different factors you can measure in a test (e.g., height, weight and exercise types). There are some preset test items in the Polar GoFit web service. You can also create your own test items (so called custom test items) according to your own wishes.
  2. Templates contain a selected set of test items. The Polar GoFit service supplies some preset templates that can be modified. It is also possible to create your own templates containing the test items you want to test students for.
  3. Tests are created based on templates. Tests have a planned test date and students participating in the test.
  4. When the test is held, results are entered into the Polar GoFit web service. There are also sheets that can be filled manually if an iPad cannot be used to enter the results on the field when having a test. With the sheets, test results can be added to the Polar GoFit web service afterwards.
  5. View the results in reports and give feedback to students.