Can I create my own Fitness tests?

The Polar GoFit web service contains some preset templates and test items for fitness tests. It is also possible to create your own types of templates and test items.

Templates are used as a basis for tests: templates contain the test items according to which students are to be tested. Different templates contain a different set of test items. The Polar GoFit web service supplies test items from four categories: aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and flexibility.

Polar GoFit’s preset templates can be edited to better match your requirements, and completely new templates can be created to contain just the test items that you wish. It is also possible to create your own test items. If you want to test your students on a quality for which the Polar GoFit web service doesn’t supply a test item yet, you can create a new test item by yourself. Creating your own test items is easy, just pick a unit (e.g., length, time, number of repetitions) and set target limits by gender and age.