HR sensor mode

In heart rate sensor mode you can turn your watch into a heart rate sensor and share your heart rate with other Bluetooth devices like training apps, gym equipment or cycling computers. To use your watch in HR sensor mode, you first need to pair it with the receiving external device. Refer to receiving device's user guide for detailed pairing instructions.

Turn on HR sensor mode

  1. Press and hold OK in time view or press BACK to enter the main menu and choose Start training. Browse to your preferred sport.
  2. In pre-training mode, open the quick menu with the LIGHT button.

    Choose Share HR with other devices.

    Choose Add a new device

  3. Activate the external device's pairing mode.
  4. Choose Vantage M2 from the external device.
  5. Accept pairing Vantage M2 with the external device.
  6. You should be able to see your heart rate on both your watch and the external device. When you’re ready, just start your session from the external device. To record your training session with your watch, return to pre-training mode and start training recording by pressing OK.

Stop sharing HR

Choose Stop sharing. HR sharing stops also when you exit pre-training mode or stop the training recording.