Watch faces

The Polar Unite watch faces tell you a lot more than just the time. You'll get the most timely and relevant information right on the watch face, including your activity status, your heart rate, latest training sessions, Nightly recharge status, FitSpark on-demand training suggestions and weekly training summary. You can scroll through the watch faces by swiping left or right and open a more detailed view by tapping the watch face.

Polar Unite supports up to eight different watch faces. Choose which watch faces are shown on the display in time view from Menu > Watch views.

You can choose between an analogue and a digital display in Watch settings.

Note that the watch faces and their contents cannot be edited, but you can change the watch face color theme.


Basic watch face with time and date.


The graph bar around the watch face and the percentage below the time and date show your progress towards your daily activity goal.

In addition, when opening the details, you can see the following details of your day’s accumulated activity:

  • Steps you've taken so far. The amount and type of body movements are registered and turned into an estimation of steps.
  • Active time tells you the cumulative time of body movements that benefit your health.
  • Calories you've burned through training, activity and BMR (Basal metabolic rate: the minimum metabolic activity required to maintain life).

For more information, see 24/7 Activity tracking.

Heart rate

When using the Continuous heart rate feature your watch continuously measures your heart rate and displays it on the Heart rate watch face.

When using the Continuous heart rate feature, you can also follow what are the highest and lowest heart rate readings of your day and you can check what your lowest heart rate reading was during the previous night. You can turn the Continuous heart rate feature on, off or to night-time only mode on your watch in Settings > General settings > Continuous HR tracking.

For more information, see Continuous heart rate feature.

If you're not using the Continuous heart rate feature, you can still quickly check your current heart rate without starting a training session. Just tighten your wristband, choose this watch face and you'll see your current heart rate by tapping the display. Return to the Heart rate watch face by pressing the button.

Latest training sessions

See the time passed since your latest training session and the sport of the session.

In addition, when opening the details, you can view the summaries of your training sessions from the last 14 days. Browse to the training session you want to view by swiping up/down, and then tap the display to open the summary. For more information, see Training summary.

Nightly Recharge watch face

When you wake up you can see your Nightly Recharge status. Nightly Recharge status tells you how restorative your last night was. Nightly Recharge combines information on how well your autonomic nervous system (ANS) calmed down during the early hours of your sleep ( ANS charge) and how well you slept ( sleep charge). Tap on ANS charge details or Sleep charge details for more information.

For more information, see Nightly Recharge™ recovery measurement or Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking.

FitSpark watch face

Your watch suggests the most suitable training targets for you based on your training history, fitness level and current recovery status. Tap the watch face to see all the suggested training targets. Tap one of the suggested training targets to see detailed information about the training target.

For more information, see FitSpark daily training guide.

Weekly summary

View an overview of your training week. Your total training time for the week split into different training zones is illustrated on the display. Tap the display to open more details. You’ll see distance, training sessions, total calories and time spent in each heart rate zone. In addition, you can view last week’s summary and details as well as any sessions planned for next week.

Scroll down and tap the display to view more information about a single session.

Note that the watch faces and their contents cannot be edited.

Your name

Time, date and your name is displayed.