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Start a training session

  1. Wear your watch and tighten the wristband.
  2. To enter the pre-training mode press the button to enter the main menu and tap Start training.

    From the pre-training mode, you can access the quick menu by tapping the quick menu icon . The options displayed in the quick menu depend on the sport you have chosen and whether you are using GPS.

    You can, for example, choose a favorite training target you want to perform and add timers to your training views. For more information, see Quick menu.

    After your choice, the watch returns to the pre-training mode.

  3. Browse to your preferred sport.
  4. Stay in the pre-training mode until the watch has found your heart rate and the GPS satellite signals (if applicable to your sport) to make sure your training data is accurate. To catch GPS satellite signals, go outdoors and away from tall buildings and trees. Keep your watch still with the display upwards and avoid touching the watch during the GPS signal search.

    If you have paired an optional Bluetooth sensor with your watch, the watch will automatically start searching for the sensor signal as well.

    The circle around the GPS icon will turn green when the GPS is ready. The watch notifies you with a vibration.

    The watch has found your heart rate when your heart rate is shown.

    When you're wearing a Polar heart rate sensor that's paired with your watch, the watch automatically uses the connected sensor to measure your heart rate during training sessions. A blue circle around the heart rate symbol indicates that your watch uses the connected sensor to measure your heart rate.

  5. When all signals are found, tap the display to start training recording.

See During Training for more information on what you can do with your watch during training.

Start a planned training session

You can plan your training and create detailed training targets in the Polar Flow app or the Polar Flow web service and sync them to your watch.

To start a planned training session scheduled for the current day:

  1. Enter the pre-training mode by first pressing the button and then tappping on Start training.
  2. You'll be prompted to start a training target you've scheduled for the day.

  3. Tap green tick icon to view the target information.
  4. Tap Start to return to pre-training mode, and choose the sport profile you want to use.
  5. When the watch has found all the signals, tap the display. Recording started is displayed and you can start training.

Your watch will guide you towards completing your target during training. See During Training for more information.


Your planned training targets will also be included in the FitSpark training suggestions.