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Enter the menu by pressing the button and browse through the menu by swiping up or down. Confirm selections by tapping the display, and return with the button.

Start training

From here you can start your training sessions. Tap the display to enter the pre-training mode and browse to the sport profile you want to use.

See Start a training session for detailed instructions.


You can edit the following settings on your watch:

  • Physical settings
  • General settings
  • Watch settings

For more information, see Settings.

In addition to the settings available on your watch, you can edit Sport Profiles in the Polar Flow web service and app. Customize your watch with your favorite sports and the information you want to follow during your training sessions. See Sport Profiles in Flow for more information.


In Timers you'll find a stopwatch and a countdown timer.


To start the stopwatch, tap first Stopwatch and then . To add a lap, tap the lap icon . To pause the stopwatch, press the button.

Countdown Timer

You can set the countdown timer to count down from a preset time. Tap on Set Timer, and set the countdown time, and tap to confirm. When completed, tap Start to start the countdown timer.

The countdown timer is added to the basic watch face.

At the end of the countdown, the watch notifies you by vibrating. Tap to restart the timer, or tap to cancel and return to the time view.

During training you can use interval timer and countdown timer. Add the timer views to training views in the sport profile settings in Flow and sync the settings to your watch. For more information on using timers during training, see During training.

Serene guided breathing exercise

First, tap Serene and then tap Start exercise to start the breathing exercise.

For more information, see Serene™ guided breathing exercise.

Fitness Test

To perform the fitness test, first tap Fitness Test, and then tap Relax and start the test.

For more information, see Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate.