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Compatible sensors

Enhance your training experience, and achieve a more complete understanding of your performance with compatible Bluetooth® sensors.

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Before taking a new sensor into use, it has to be paired with your watch. Pairing only takes a few seconds, and ensures that your watch receives signals from your sensors only, and allows disturbance-free training in a group. Before entering an event or race, make sure that you do the pairing at home to prevent interference due to data transmission. For instructions, see Pairing sensors with your watch.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor

Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision with the Polar H10 heart rate sensor with a chest strap.

Although the Polar Precision Prime is the most accurate optical heart rate measurement technology there is and works pretty much anywhere, in sports where it's more challenging to keep the sensor stationary on your wrist or where you have pressure or movement in muscles or tendons near the sensor, the Polar 10 heart rate sensor gives you the best heart rate accuracy. The Polar H10 heart rate sensor is more responsive to rapidly increasing or decreasing heart rate, so it’s the ideal option also for interval type of training with quick sprints.

The Polar H10 heart rate sensor has an internal memory that allows you to record one training session with it without a connected training device or a mobile training app close by. You just need to pair the H10 heart rate sensor with the Polar Beat app and start the training session with the app. This way, you can for example record your heart rate from your swimming sessions with the Polar H10 heart rate sensor. For more information see the support pages for Polar Beat and Polar H10 heart rate sensor.

When using the Polar H10 heart rate sensor during your cycling sessions, you can have your watch mounted to your bike’s handlebars to easily view your training data while riding.