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Backlight activation

Backlight activation gesture

The backlight is not constantly on to save the battery of your device. The backlight is automatically switched on when you turn your wrist to look at the watch. It is not possible to set the backlight always on apart from during training sessions.

Do not disturb feature

The backlight activation gesture is disabled, when do not disturb is switched on. You can activate the backlight when Do not disturb is on by pressing the button. See Quick settings for further information.

Backlight always on during training

To enable backlight always on during training: Swipe down from the top of the display to pull down the Quick settings menu. Tap the Backlight icon to select Always on or Automatic. With always on selected the watch display will be illuminated throughout your training session. The backlight setting will default back to automatic after you finish your training session.

Please note that the always on selection will drain your battery much faster than the default setting.