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Changeable wristbands

Grit X uses a standard 22mm band. The changeable wristbands let you personalize your watch to match every situation and style so you can wear it all the time and make the best use of the 24/7 activity tracking, continuous heart rate measurement and sleep tracking.

We recommend to avoid using metal wristbands as they may affect GPS accuracy.

Changing the wristband

Changing the wristband attached with spring bars is quick and simple. Choose your favorite wristband from Polar’s selection or use any other watch band that uses 22mm spring bars

  1. To detach the band, pull the quick-release lever towards the center or the strap and pull the band away from the watch
  2. Pull the quick-release lever towards the center of the strap and align the other end of the pin with the hole on the watch
  3. Release the lever to lock the band in place
  4. Make sure the lever is locked and you’re all set