To use the compass during sessions you need to add it any sport profiles you wish to view it in. In the Flow web service, go to Sport Profiles > Choose edit on the sport profile you wish to add it to > go to Related to device and Choose Grit X > Training views > Add new > Fullscreen > Compass and choose save. Remember to sync the changes to your watch.

Using the compass during a session

During a session you can scroll to the compass view with the UP/DOWN buttons. The display shows your bearing and the cardinal directions.

Calibrating the compass

You may be asked to the calibrate the compass during a session. If so, follow the instructions on the display to calibrate it.

You can also manually calibrate the compass from the quick menu. Pause your session, and press LIGHT to access the quick menu, and choose Calibrate compass. Follow the instructions on the display.

Lock your bearing

In the compass training view press OK to lock your current bearing. The display will then show the deviation from your locked bearing in red.

Note that the compass needs to be calibrated first.