Viewing heart rate courses

There are two ways to list and view heart rate courses, including your own courses. You can open your latest courses through the Dashboard and all the courses at your school through the Courses page.

Your own courses have been created with your teacher account.

Viewing "My Courses" on dashboard

Your five latest courses are listed on the Polar GoFit dashboard.

  1. Click the icon to go to Dashboard.
  2. View your latest heart rate courses. The following course information is shown on the Dashboard:
    • course name,
    • achieved percentage of target time in target zone (for example 91 /100 %),
    • number of students,
    • number of assigned devices,
    • number of completed lessons,
    • start date, and
    • end date.
  3. Open a course by clicking View course.
  4. View the course information. For more information, see Viewing heart rate courses on courses page.

Viewing heart rate courses on Courses page

  1. Go to Courses.
  2. Find the course on the course lists (Ongoing courses/Finished courses), or use the search. Heart rate courses are marked with the heart icon:
  3. Click the row or the icon to open the course. Ongoing and future heart rate courses can be edited, but finished heart rate courses can only be viewed.
  4. Click Edit course/View course.
  5. The following information is shown:
    • course name,
    • teacher,
    • start date,
    • end date,
    • course duration,
    • evaluation type,
    • target zone,
    • time in target zone,
    • visibility of calories (Yes/No)
    • student identifier in the Polar GoFit app (name or student ID), and
    • students added to the course (listed by the class).

    Expand a class to see the students. The following information is shown for the students:

    • first name,
    • last name, and
    • heart rate devices assigned to the student.

Return to course list by clicking Back to Course list.