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Polar OH1 User Manual

This user manual helps you get started with your new OH1. For OH1 video tutorials and FAQs, go to


Congratulations on your new Polar OH1! The Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate sensor that is worn around your forearm or upper arm. It can be used as an independent training device that records and stores data or as a heart rate sensor with a Polar wrist unit. When used as a heart rate sensor, the OH1 sends the heart rate data to your Polar wrist unit.

OH1 is compatible with Polar wrist units using Bluetooth technology as well as with Polar Beat app. It can also be used with Polar Club, Polar GoFit and Polar Team app. In addition, it's compatible with iOS and Android devices that support the standard Bluetooth Heart Rate Profile.

Get connected to the Polar ecosystem and get the most out of your OH1

Get the Polar Flow app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM. Sync your OH1 with the Flow app after training, and get an instant overview and feedback of your training results and performance.

Sync your training data to the Polar Flow web service with the FlowSync software on your computer or via Flow app. In the web service you can plan your training, track your achievements, get guidance and see detailed analysis of your training results. Let all your friends know about your achievements, find fellow exercisers and get motivation from your social training communities. Find all this at