Polar FT1, FT2 User Manual


Wear the Heart Rate Sensor

  1. Fasten one end of the heart rate sensor to the elastic strap.

  2. Adjust the strap length to fit snugly and comfortably. Secure the strap around your chest, just below the chest muscles, and fasten the strap to the heart rate sensor.

  3. Lift the heart rate sensor off your chest and moisten the two grooved electrode areas on the back. Check that the wet electrode areas are firmly against your skin, and that the text on the heart rate sensor is in an upright position and in the centre of your chest.

For more information on how to maintain your heart rate sensor see Caring for Your Product

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Start Training

Before you start training, wear the heart rate sensor and the training computer. There should be no other training computers within a one-meter/three-feet radius from you to avoid interference.

  1. Start recording your training session by pressing the button once.

    EXE (Exercise) is displayed.

  1. The stopwatch starts running in a few seconds. The outline of the heart symbol flashes until your heart rate is detected (this should not take more than 15 seconds).

  1. Your heart rate is displayed. A flashing heart symbol indicates an ongoing heart rate measurement. The symbol flashes at the pace of your heart.

Switch the target heart rate zone alarm ON or OFF in Exercise mode by pressing and holding the button. The alarm sounds if you are not inside your target heart rate zone.

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During Training


Change the display information (Heart rate / Duration / Time) during the training session by bringing the training computer close to the heart rate sensor's Polar logo. Keep the training computer close to the heart rate sensor until you hear a beep and the desired information is displayed.

A beep will sound even if the alarm has been deactivated.

  1. Heart Rate

    Your heart rate in beats per minute.

    Symbol 1 = your heart rate is inside your target heart rate zone.

    Symbol 2 = your heart rate is below your target heart rate zone.

    Symbol 3 = your heart rate is above your target heart rate zone.

  1. Training Session Duration is displayed in minutes and seconds, or in hours and minutes when the session has lasted more than an hour.

    Each Training Time Indicator represents ten minutes of continuous training. After one hour of continuous training (or six indicators), the counter restarts. Use the indicators to mark time goals for your session.

  1. Time

    Time of day is displayed.

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Stop Training

To stop training recording, press the button. STOP is displayed and the training computer returns to the Time display.

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