Polar FlowSync log file location

A FlowSync log file is needed for investigating data synchronization problems.

If you have problems synchronizing data with FlowSync, first check the troubleshooting tips. If these tips do not help, copy the log file after failed data synchronization and send it with a detailed problem description to

Open the log file of the current day as follows:


  1. Right-click the FlowSync icon on your computer taskbar. The taskbar is usually located in the lower right corner of the display. The FlowSync icon may also be among the hidden icons, which you can access via the arrow on the taskbar.

    Taskbar arrow

  2. Select HelpOpen log.

     Polar FlowSync Windows taskbar

Mac OS X:

  1. Click the FlowSync icon on the menu bar.
  2. Select HelpOpen log.

    FlowSync mac menu

If you need to open a log file for a past day, open the log file as described above. Check the Log file path from the top of the file. Open the needed log file by browsing to the path with the file browser.

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