Polar ProTrainer 5 Release Notes

Polar Pro Trainer 5 and Pro Trainer 5 Equine Edition version 5.41.2

Release date: 14th May 2013

  • Track information and GoogleEarth export does not work, fixed
  • Training Plan: Import and Export buttons missing in 5.41.000, fixed
  • Lap markers placed wrongly, fixed
  • It should be possible to save more than 131 072 samples, fixed
  • Sport in Google Earth window is always sport of first exercise of day in Diary, fixed
  • RLX curve changes after choosing Selection Info, fixed
  • RS800CX route data incorrect in certain cases with 1s recording rate, fixed
  • Bug in saving/showing gps data if longitude or latitude is near zero, fixed 

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Polar Pro Trainer 5 and Pro Trainer 5 Equine Edition version 5.41.0

Release date: 3rd December 2012.

Enhancements/bug fixes:

  • Now with Windows 8 support
  • Changing altitude unit to feet affects distance value in kilometers. Changing the altitude unit to feet, the distance value changes without changing the distance unit. Fixed
  • Some lap time information is wrong, fixed
  • Notes are placed in wrong lap times/markers, fixed
  • Lap times/Markers not shown in curve view right after the data transfer, fixed
  • Lap times are located wrong with some exercises when distance is at X-axis, fixed
  • Lap time numbering is wrong if both automatic and manual lap times exist, fixed
  • Zone swap icon is not shown in Curve, fixed
  • Edit Lap time /markers Zone swap icon missing, fixed
  • Autolaps are shown as manual laps after downloading a training, fixed
  • Week note goes to wrong week, fixed
  • No markers shown in curve view with AXN-products, fixed
  • Markers from AXN500 and AXN700 not transferred, fixed
  • Markers are wrong in the tracking when GPS signal is not ready at exercise start, fixed
  • Stride length & pace is not shown with phases, fixed
  • Possible to save more samples, fixed
  • Difference between curve cursor values and table in time beat occurred and also curve initial time/beat (Equine version), fixed  


Release Date: 22th September 2011.

Version number: 5.40.172


  • Power target times incorrect, fixed

Exercise result - Curve

  • Edit Lap Times / Marker window is not opened for selected Lap, fixed
  • Manually added Lap length wrong in miles, fixed
  • Lap marks destroyed when exercise duration is over 10 hours, fixed
  • Phases are not shown correctly sometimes, fixed
  • Average speed line incorrect, fixed
  • Speed scale maximum line and value, fixed
  • Exercise result - Curve - Selection Info
  • Ascent value is shown instead of distance in list view in curve, fixed
  • Exercise result - Error correction
  • Error correction to zoomed area truncate exercise duration, fixed
  • Exercise result - Exercise comparison
  • Lap values incorrect, fixed
  • Exercise- and Sport profile specific settings changes to Current settings, fixed
  • Sport-specific settings - Calibration factor always 1.000, fixed


  • Power target times, fixed
  • Tools - Edit Polar Product Settings
  • Turning automatic lap on/off does not work with CS600X, fixed
  • Tools - Online Recording (WindLink required)
  • Total time inaccurate, fixed
  • Taking Laps, fixed
  • Spikes in curve, fixed


Release Date: 18th August 2010.

Version number: 5.40.171

Enhancements / Fixes to ProTrainer 5 software

  • Architecture of calculating and showing Lap times/Markers/Phases, modified and fixed
  • Logic for showing exercise distance in different places checked and modified.
  • Diary distance, in some cases the distance in Diary is wrong, fixed
  • Distance at X-axis, if distance is measured in meters and changed to miles afterwards → wrong scaling, fixed
  • R-R curve, can not be corrected on zoomed area, fixed
  • Exercise distance is not shown after adding Lap distance manually, fixed
  • Lap, zero temperature was shown in Lap time tips with phases, fixed
  • Error filtering, minor fixes
  • Lap, total lap time lengthened to 99 hours 


Release Date: 12th January 2010.

Version number: 5.35.165

Fixes to ProTrainer 5 software

  • Track, in some cases wrong track information with RS800CX when 2 s recording rate is used, fixed.




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