Importing ABSA Cape Epic Survival Planners into Polar Protrainer 5 Software

This document will step you through the process of importing the ABSA Cape Epic Survival planners into the Polar Protrainer 5 software. Please note that only one target workout has been created for each week, which incorporates the total weekly target times in each Sports Zone.

By importing the ABSA Cape Epic Survival planners into the Polar Protrainer 5 software, downloading your training data, you will be able to track your actual weekly training time in each Sports Zone and compare it to the plan.

Please keep the following guide-lines in mind:

  • your weekly long slow distance (LSD) workout should be at least one third of the total weekly training time. It can be more but should not be less

  • have one complete rest day per week

Step 1 - Setting up your Sport Zones

Your Sports Zones should be set-up as follows in the Polar Protrainer 5 software:

Sports Zone 5 (Maximum) - 90 -100% of Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Equation)
Sports Zone 4 (Lactate Tolerance) - 80-90% of Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Equation)
Sports Zone 3 (Aerobic Stamina) - 70-80% of Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Equation)
Sports Zone 2 (Aerobic Endurance) - 50-70% of Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Equation)
Sports Zone 1 (General) - 0-50% of Heart Rate Reserve (Karvonen Equation)

  • Select Options/Person Properties and then the Tab "Test Values" (please see image below)

  • Enter Maximum HR and Resting HR values. Upper Threshold HR and Lower Threshold HR are optional.

  • Select the Tab "Sports Zones"

  • Change the calculation method to "% of HR reserve"

  • Change the names and the percentages of each Sports Zone as shown below:

  • Click on "OK" twice to close and save the settings.

Step 2 - Importing the Cape Epic Survival Planners

  • Save and extract the attached planners to a convenient location, for example My Documents/Training Planners.

  • In the Polar Protrainer 5 Software select Tools/Training Plan (should you not have this option in your version of the software, please update your software by selecting Help/Check for Updates.

  • Select "Import Training Plan" (please see image)

  • In the browser window, select the location you saved the attached training planners to, for example My Documents/Training Planners

  • Select either a 12 week or 16 week plan depending on how much time you have left to your event.

  • Next decide how much weekly training time you have available, in your maximum week, and select the appropriate plan. Be realistic !!!

  • Next select either your start date or your end date for the plan (please see image).

  • The Polar Protrainer software will now automatically populate your calendar with a workout every Monday for the duration of the plan. The workout incorporates your total weekly target times for each Sports Zone.

Step 3 - Setting up your Weekly Report

  • Select Report 2

  • Right click on the Report and select "Report Properties"

  • Under the "General" Tab, select and edit "Time In Sport Zones" (see image below)

  • Make sure that "Exercise Targets and Results" is displayed (see image below).

  • Click on "OK" to close the window.

  • Lastly, select the tab "Date Range" under Report Properties.

  • Set the date range of the report for the duration of your training plan (see image below)

  • You will now be able to view your planned weekly training time in each Sports Zone (please see image below)

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