WebSync Error - WebSync does not show my training computer even if it has been activated

WebSync does not show training computer even if it has been activated.

Note that it takes a moment before training computer appears in the list. If the training computer is not shown in the list within 15 seconds, try following for troubleshooting.

Solution 1: Set your training computer to Connect mode and press Start/OK button twice.
Right-click/secondary click WebSync icon on taskbar/menu bar and select Synchronize.

Solution 2:
Close WebSync; right-click/secondary click WebSync icon on taskbar/menu bar and select Exit WebSync.

Go to Start (Settings ) Control Panel Administrative Tools Services.

Check that Polar Daemon is running and the status is Started.
If the status is not started, click Polar Daemon and 'Start the service'. If Daemon is already running (Started), click 'Restart the service'.

Mac OS X:
Click Cancel button to close the window.

Go to Finder Applications Utilities Activity Monitor select All processes from the drop-down list.
Check that polard is in the list of running processes.

If the polard is not in the list of running processes, close the WebSync by secondary clicking the WebSync icon on the menu bar and selecting Exit WebSync.

Restart Polar Daemon. To restart Polar Daemon you need to run two commands in Terminal. Start Applications Utilities Terminal. To stop Polar Daemon which is already running, write a command "sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/fi.polar.polard.plist" and press enter. Enter your password when required. If Polar Daemon is not running, "Error unloading" message appears. Ignore this error message. Write "sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/fi.polar.polard.plist" and press enter to run Polar Daemon.