RCX5 memory storage and notifications

Polar RCX5 training computer can store your heart rate, running speed/pace, and cycling speed and distance. The more data you wish to record, the more memory is used faster.

The RCX5 takes a sample of your training and stores it in its memory. By default it does this every 5 seconds during training. After you upload your data to polarpersonaltrainer.com, you can view a graphical representation of your training session based on the recorded samples.

You can set recording frequency to 1, 2, 5, 15 or 60 seconds. If you select 60 second recording interval, you'll get more recording time. A shorter recording interval uses more memory, you get less recording time, but the accuracy of the recorded data is greater and graphs more precise which allows you to drill into your performance in the web service.

The maximum recording times can be found in the user manual.

Where do I change the recording rate?

You can change recording rate in Settings menu ⇒ General Settings ⇒ Recording rate.

Memory notifications

90% of memory full
Shown in pre-training and in training pause modes. You have 10% or less memory left on the training computer. The remaining recording time is shown. Recording rate and number of enabled sensors affect the remaining recording time.

1 hour memory left
Shown in training mode.

Maximum recording time exceeded
Shown when recording time exceeds.

Memory full
Shown when memory is depleted.

What do I do if memory gets full during training?

If memory gets full during training, the training computer stops recording analysable data. The total training time is still stored. This means that when training file is transferred to polarpersonaltrainer.com for further analysis, heart rate and graphs of other data are shown up to the point where recording stopped, the time-line on the rest of the curve being blank.

To free memory, delete files you have already transferred to polarpersonaltrainer.com. For detailed instructions, see user manual.

A deleted training file is not removed from Week Summaries.
To clear information from Week Summaries, select MENU ⇒ Data ⇒ Reset week summaries? Select Yes.