Pair Speed Sensor with RCX5

Before taking a new speed sensor into use, it has to be introduced to the training computer. This is called pairing and takes only a few seconds. Pairing ensures that your training computer receives signals from your accessory only, and enables disturbance-free training in a group.

Before entering an event or race, make sure that you do the pairing at home. This is to prevent interference due to the long-range data transmission. When pairing new sensor make sure you are not near (40 m/131 ft) other similar sensors.

You can have two bikes on the RCX5 training computer. Each bike has to have the sensors separately taught. You can only teach one speed and one cadence sensor to one bike. If you have two bikes, both of them can use the same speed and cadence sensors. Or, they can have their own set of sensors.
When you teach a new sensor to a bike that already has a previously taught sensor in the memory, the new sensor replaces the previous one.

Make sure the speed sensor has been correctly installed. Please see Related documents for more information on installing the speed sensor.

1. Press Up or Down button to enter to the Menu.
2. Press Up or Down button to select Settings. Press OK.
3. Select Sport profiles. Press OK.
4. Select Cycling (Bike 1). Press OK.
5. Select Bike 1 settings. Press OK.
6. Select Speed sensor. Press OK.
7. Select Search new. Press OK.

8. Press OK to start the test drive is displayed. Press OK.
Searching new speed sensor is displayed. The training computer starts searching for the speed sensor signal.
Rotate the wheel a few times to activate the sensor. The flashing red light in the sensor indicates that the sensor is activated.
Once the new speed sensor is identified, Speed sensor is found is displayed. Pairing is complete.

If the search is not successful, Speed sensor not found or Other speed sensors interfering. Move further., Try again? YES / NO is displayed.
Select YES to start the search again.
Select NO to cancel the searching.

To return to time mode, press and hold Back button