Polar FT7/FT40 training computer and Polar Loop activity tracker automatically calculates an individual point where the main effect of your training turns from fat burning into fitness improvement. This point is called EnergyPointer.

Low intensity training has several health benefits, e.g. it increases fat oxidation. Training in higher intensity improves cardiovascular fitness, i.e. strengthens your heart and increases blood circulation to muscles and lungs. The new EnergyPointer calculation defines the limit between low intensity (Fat burning zone) and higher intensity (Fitness zone).

To calculate the EnergyPointer your training computer uses your heart rate and heart rate variability, measured online, as well your personal information of age, gender, height, weight, maximum heart rate and fitness level.

The average EnergyPointer value corresponds to 69% of maximum heart rate. However, it is normal that EnergyPointer value varies as your daily physical and mental condition varies from day to day. Your training computer can detect your body's daily state from your heart rate and heart rate variability and, if necessary, adjust the EnergyPointer accordingly. For example, if your body is recovered from previous training session and is not tired or stressed, then you are prepared for more intensive training and the Energy Pointer value (the dotted line on the display) changes.

The highest possible value of EnergyPointer is 80% of your maximum heart rate.