RCX5 battery life

RCX5 battery life is on average 8-11 months and depends on which features and sensors you use.

To get the 11 months lifetime for the battery:
• Set the AutoSync Off in Connect → AutoSync.
• Do not use GPS sensor when you do not need speed, distance or location data.

The battery is inserted at the factory. The actual life of the first battery once the product is in your possession can therefore feel shorter than the estimated.

• Low battery indicator is shown when battery capacity is at 10-15%.
• Before battery change, transfer all data from your RCX5 to polarpersonaltrainer.com to avoid data loss.
• using the backlight a lot consumes power and drains the battery more rapidly.
• Training in cold conditions can cause the low battery indicator to appear. It will disappear when you're back at room temperature.
• Low battery indicator automatically disables the backlight and sound. Alarms set before the indicator appeared remain active.