Reports in the web service

Every admin and instructor at your club can view reports of your group exercise classes in the Polar Club web service. These reports are helpful in following the quantity as well as the quality of the classes. To view reports, go to the REPORTS tab in the web service.

The Polar Club reports are available in three categories: heart rate, calories and attendees.

In each category, you'll see an overview of training totals such as the number of sessions, attendees, hours trained, average heart rate and calories burned. You can choose the time period for which you want to view the reports and sort them based on class type or instructor.


Heart rate

The Heart rate report is useful in comparing and analyzing the intensity of a given class or multiple classes.


The Calories report shows the amount of calories your club members have burned during sessions.


The Attendees report allows you to observe and compare the attendance levels of your classes.